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Caledonia Jets – Contact Information

CALL: +44 141 536 0602                                             +1 888 848 6107

EMAIL: info@caledoniajets.com

Caledonia Jets Ltd, acts in the capacity of an air charter broker and conducts its business in compliance with the U.S Department of Transport (DOT) regulation 14 C.F.R part 295. Caledonia Jets Ltd acts as a bona fide agent for Royal Jets B737 A6-RXJ, which is a direct air carrier. Caledonia Jets acts as an indirect air carrier or a bona fide agent for all other direct air carriers or foreign direct air carriers where indicated. Caledonia Jets is not a direct air carrier and neither does it hold itself out to be a direct air carrier. At all times, the operator of the Aircraft with full operational control shall be the direct air carrier or foreign direct air carrier and Caledonia Jets shall act as an indirect air carrier or bona fide agent for the client or the carrier (where indicated) and shall make the necessary arrangements of single entity charters on behalf of the client or duly licensed direct or foreign direct air carriers.

Caledonia Jets is a US DOT Approved Indirect Air Carrier as defined by 14CFR380

Caledonia Jets Barbados (HQ)| Bay Tree House, Golf Club Road, Christ Church, Barbados

Caledonia Jets Scotland| Clyde Offices, 48 West George Street, Glasgow G11BP

Caledonia Jets USA| 30 N. Gould Street, STE 11344, Sheridan, WY, 82801