UK To Barbados

Blue Sky Luxury has been renting villas and holiday homes in Barbados and the Caribbean for almost 40 years, and delivers best-in-class service with a selection of over 150 holiday homes. Find out more about their accommodation here. From a luxury aircraft to luxury accommodation, Caledonia Jets and Blue Sky Luxury are able to provide the whole package for your perfect getaway.

Flying direct from private terminals in London and Grantley Adams, Barbados, the range of luxury aircrafts provide a unique opportunity for long-haul luxury travel for up to 100 passengers across a number of jets to meet varying passenger demand. From Gulfstreams and Globals, to Boeing Business Jets, you can be sure to have a first-class experience. With luxury spacious seating throughout, the private crafts allow passengers to feel relaxed with spacious distanced seating in a luxury environment. A distance of over 6 feet between seats allow for a fully lie flat recline, while the luxury dining and refreshments on offer provide a truly unique first class experience.

As always with Caledonia Jets, you can expect a truly unique luxury experience aboard a spacious VIP airliner. A range of champagne, spirits, wine and beer will be served by a team of VIP attendants at your convenience, alongside gourmet dining in the form of a luxury lunch and afternoon tea on the outbound flight, and brunch and afternoon tea on the return.

All of this plus passengers have a generous luggage allowance of 90kg per passenger plus a carry on bag.

Dining On-BoardA sample of what’s on offer. Please note any dietary requirements will be happily catered for. 

Our Covid-19 Testing Strategy

At present, Barbados requires two PCR tests for COVID-19. The first should be taken a maximum of three days prior to departure, and the second five days after the administration of the first. Whilst awaiting the second test in Barbados, all arriving passengers are required to stay in an approved quarantine accommodation provider which will participate in a ‘period of restricted movement’. Dependent on your choice of accommodation, this can range from remaining in your own villa, or in the cases of some of the larger hotels on the island, use designated restaurants, swimming pools and public spaces for those in the same scenario.

Previously here at Caledonia Jets, we would arrange COVID testing for our customers the evening prior to departure in a designated hotel. Given the latest guidelines it is in your interest to test three days prior to departure opposed to the evening before to minimise the amount of time spent in isolation awaiting a second test whilst in Barbados. As a result, dependent on location we will now assist in the booking of a home test being carried out by healthcare professional three days prior to departure, or allow passengers to coordinate their own test with an approved provider.

We know that the prospect of coordinating testing can be stressful, so please be assured our team have and will continue to support our passengers in any way we can, every step of the way.

Luxury Travel, Safely Executed

The private jet allows its crew to deliver luxury travel to far reached destinations with passengers health and wellbeing at the forefront. You will depart and arrive in private terminals eliminating the need for interaction with passengers from other flights.

Sanitised hygiene kits will be available containing hand sanitiser, mask, sanitising wipes and tissues, for your convenience. The crew will also strive to continually sanitise ‘high touch’ areas such as bathrooms throughout the flight, in addition to the rigorous sanitation protocols operated prior to boarding. Furthermore, the Airbus jet has the latest in hospital-grade HEPA filters installed on-board. With a continual flow of fresh air passing through the filters and plane, we can assure passengers that the air entering the cabin is always fresh, never recirculated.

In Barbados, you will arrive into a private terminal allowing you to clear immigration quickly and smoothly, again with minimal interaction with other passengers. From there you will be able to collect luggage and swiftly continue to your final destination.

Should you require transfers from your flight, our team will be happy to help.

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Seats are £10000 each per round trip, inclusive of UK & Barbados taxes. Should you wish to fly one-way, seats will be £8000. Please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.