Your Health Matters

Our Covid-19 Strategy

Protecting you from COVID-19

We understand the importance of excellent aircraft cleanliness and we have implemented a series of additional steps to our already intensive cleaning routine to give you peace of mind during these trying times.

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Our strategy to keep you healthy, safe and happy.

Protection Onboard

We want to make your experience as stress free as possible. All of the aircraft  are deep cleaned after every flight as standard, as well as using hospital grade UV lights to sterilise the interior. Furthermore all aircraft are equipped with personal hygiene packs filled with N95 surgical masks, sanitising hand-gel, antibacterial wipes and tissues, should you require them.

All aircraft are fitted with the latest in air filtration technology utilising medical grade HEPA filters. The air is constantly refreshed, never recirculated. Most of the aircraft have the capability to keep a lower cabin altitude than the commercial airlines. All this means that you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go.

Travel Advice

Guidance and restrictions on travelling is continually changing. For information on the latest guidance by country, please click here.

Our Staff 

Our team have been trained and are continually updated in the latest COVID-19 advice to ensure they are following the best possible practice. Our crew travel is monitored closely with regular health and temperature checks being carried out. Alongside this, we will operate safe social distancing practices where possible.


We have a close working connection with the industry leaders in aviation medical support. Our regular liaison with them ensures we are always operating with the best possible information both on the ground and in the air 24 hours a day.